this homework consists of two parts(PLEASE DON'T USE ANY EXTERNAL SOURCES ) use your own words and the attached files to help you. please mentions the word part one and part two before each part. I need to hand part one in 12 hours and part two in two days  part One: response  Corporations are clearly legal agents. They can enter into contracts, own property, and sue and be sued. But are they also moral agents? And whereas corporations have definite legal responsibilities, what, if any, social and moral responsibilities do they have? The text has some suggestions but what do you think? **Your response should be a minimum of 100 words.  *** for part one you can only use the slides  part Two: Journal Discuss the important ethical issues facing Yahoo as a corporation.  In your response examine the importance of institutionalizing ethics within corporations and how this may be done. your response (minimum 200 words) for the case study. *** for part two you have the Two attached pictures {PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES } In case you have a similar assignment feel free to ask for homework help. Generally, EssayPro has the best academic writers with extensive experience in handling diverse types of orders including case studies, argumentative essays, PowerPoint presentations, admission essays, blog articles, market research, thesis, project proposal, literature review, among other forms of writing.