CYBER SECURITY COMPLIANCE CLASS DISCUSSION.  NOTE: PLEASE USE & REF BELOW TEXT FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS.  Title: Cybersecurity: “The Essential Body of Knowledge” 1.What is the most neglected area in Network Management? 2.Why is Physical security the most neglected are in cybersecurity? Express you position with supported research. 3.describe the challenges faced by an organization with regard to training and awareness of its workforce. would you go about ensuring only the most qualified employees were hired who would have access to your network? 5.why is the compliance officer so important to an organization? 6.what are the three most important security policies you would implement and enforce if you were CEO of an organization? 7.For your final discussion post, please consider the following hypothetical situation, post your response, and support it with Biblical passages. Situation: You are in charge of your company's small IT workforce. Your five employees currently service a government contract which means they, you, and your company must meet certain mandated minimum certification requirements. You and your people have met these certification demands over the past year and all appears in order. You know this because every employee has turned in a PAPER COPY of their CompTIA Security + certification card and identifying number (and you were with them, and took the exam with them, when the company paid for the test last year). You maintain a list of everyone's card number and expiration date and revisit it every quarter to ensure the workforce is receiving enough continuing training to maintain their "good standing" status. Additionally, keeping track ensures that nobody will be surprised by an upcoming expiration (and you can schedule any needed exams in advance).  When you arrive at your office on Monday morning, you find an envelope (unmarked in any way) with a copy of Terry Smith's Security + cert card and number. You have no Terry Smith in your employ, nor do you know any Terry Smith. You don't even have any "Terry's" or any "Smith's" in your workforce. HOWEVER, the certification number MATCHES one currently turned in by one of your employees: Andi Baker. Andi is a stellar employee, been with the company for years, and is a single parent with two children. You remember that Andi initially failed the Security + exam when the company sent the team en masse to take it last year. In fact, having a 100% certified workforce was the major reason the company was able to bid and subsequently win this lucrative government contract. However, the company would not pay for a retake for Andi, but did allow Andi the opportunity to obtain the certification on Andi's own time BEFORE the company started work on the contract. Andi did in fact take the exam again and passed it. Andi turned in a copy of the certification card and number.  Perplexed, you call CompTIA. The CompTIA rep, after hearing your description of "hey, i've got two matching numbers here!" replies, "Let me guess - one of them belongs to a TERRY SMITH." What has happened? What will you do about it? Support your response with passages from Scripture. In case you have a similar assignment feel free to ask for homework help. Generally, EssayPro has the best academic writers with extensive experience in handling diverse types of orders including case studies, argumentative essays, PowerPoint presentations, admission essays, blog articles, market research, thesis, project proposal, literature review, among other forms of writing.