Strategy Spotlight For this week's assignment, you will be showcasing effective strategies for literacy, and specifically, vocabulary, that you use in your classroom. You will also be thinking of strategies you've read about in your readings this week that you'd like to try. Questions to guide your thinking include: What strategies do I currently use in my classroom that are effective for vocabulary instruction? Why does this strategy work well? How could this strategy be improved? What is one strategy you've read about that you'd like to try? Why do you want to try this strategy specifically? Follow the steps below to complete this assignment: Create a new document of your choosing (Word, Google Docs, Open Office - anything that can be saved/exported to PDF format).  Write your essay. Make sure that it is between 500-600 words.  Be sure to use the rubric and always cite at least 3 of the professional readings directly to support your statements. Save your essay as a PDF file with the naming convention StrategySpotlight_FirstNameLastName. If your name is Walter Payton, your document name would be StrategySpotlight_WalterPayton.  Upload your saved document to the upload interface below. This week's readings can be found in the assignment Session 2 Forum prompt.  Use the links in the body of Session 2 Forum prompt and the attachments.  And if accepted for assignment and have questions, please feel free to reach out.   In case you have a similar assignment feel free to ask for homework help. Generally, EssayPro has the best academic writers with extensive experience in handling diverse types of orders including case studies, argumentative essays, PowerPoint presentations, admission essays, blog articles, market research, thesis, project proposal, literature review, among other forms of writing.